5600 Series

DOWNLOAD: Guidelines For Barrier-Free Design of Ontario Government Facilities (OBC codes for operators)

Just wave your hand! The NORTON 5600 Series Hands-Free Kits combine a wave-to-open switch with the 5600 power operator to open the door and provide a ‘clean’ exit without touching hardware. When used with automatic toilets, soap dispensers, sinks and dryers, the 5600 Hands-Free Kits provide the final piece of the puzzle for a touchless, germ free bathroom experience.

The Norton 5600 Series Hands-Free Kits feature the 5600 Low Energy Operator with a wave-to-open wall switch that can be ordered alone or with an electric strike for openings using cylindrical or mortise locks.

FOR COMPLETE DETAILS, VISIT WEBSITE: http://www.nortondoorcontrols.com/5600-series

Waive Video below on the switch

Installation Video of the 5600 operator
How to install closers

Norton executive kit remote video part 1

Norton private meeting executive kit remote video part 2

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